Interview for Blvd Magazine

Tell me about yourself, where you live and what you love about life.

My name is Sambath Ouch. I’m originally portrait/fashion photographer from Lille, France and I live in Montreal in Canada. What I love about life is this mixture of unique experiences, countless opportunities, mind-blowing laces, interesting people and the will power. We fall, but we get up. We make mistakes, but we keep going. We lose, but learn to move on. Our hearts get broken and we find a way to live with that. We’re basically superheroes. Our willpower is so strong that we can survive almost anything. Most of the times we’re unaware of it before we’ve experienced a hardship or a challenge.  And then we surprise even ourselves. Seeing people rise from the ashes is incredible, it gives us HOPE, inspires us to do something big. And that makes life even more beautiful.

How did you get into photography ?
I fell in love with photography at age of 24. I decided to stop teaching mathematics to discover this amazing world and that is how I started. Well, it’s a risk I was willing to take. I feel I was wasting the prime of my life if I didn’t use it to pursue my passions. I always wanted to create and knew I wanted to be in the arts field. I took a very heavy fancy on fashion at that point of time, although I wanted to create images.
It was more difficult convincing my dad, who is just sort of the type of person addicted to studying (and the idea of it, in a school). I decided to pursue photography full time. Once again my dad was really, really upset and it was quite a blow, but it started getting better when he started seeing my works published, winning awards, and his friends telling him that I’m sort of… famous?

Explain to me your photoshoot process.
My first models were my closest friends. Now I have a great team of make up artist (Stephanie Auduraud), hairstylist (M Innovation), designers and professional models. I try to create something really special in my shoots, like making a fairy tale, ’cause I think photography is a real part of magic ! It can help us to capture parts of our imagination.

Processed with VSCO with f3 preset

What/who inspires your work ?
Dreams, books, music, magazines. Traveling is also extremely helpful.

What is your favorite part about photography ?
I love the process of preparation for the shoot. Bringing team together, developing the concept, looking for the model, place, etc…

Does the Asian culture influence your artwork? 
Yes, I am an Asian afterall. I like the cultures, histories and styles. It’s something that inspires even western artists too. But regarding my thoughts, there’s a very important thing that is something very common… Asians feel inferior about themselves; they always feel the westerners are more beautiful and classy. I don’t want to debate about anything, but I just want to draw attention to my own race that Asians can be beautiful too.

Finally, what are your plans for the future ?
My big dream will come true in few days (go to Southern Asia), so my plans for the future are to enjoy life to the fullest, doing what I love and create a positive energy with the world.

Anything else you want to share with us? Any advice for photographers struggling with their art today?
Please do not be discouraged. Work hard and put in all your love.

See more of Sambath Ouch’s photography here : or IG: @sambath

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